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Enhance Your MagSafe Experience

With its enhanced magnets, MOFT Snap Case makes MagSafe accessory stack as firm as fun, be it with MagSafe car mount or MOFT Snap Accessories.

5ft Drop, No Worries

Drop tested from 5ft, the case absorbs shock from the industrial PC frame, and protecting the glass with its raised edges.

Easy-to-carry Slimness

With all the enhanced magnetic strength and protection, it surprisingly remains a slim profile for you to travel light

Unique Technique for Timeless Aesthetics

With the multi-layer In-Mold Decoration technique employed, the color is decorated on second layer with another translucent layer on top, making the white/black color enternal with less visibility of dirt on it.

Snap Case on the Hands of MOFT Users


Combination of Aesthetic and Functionality

We will get it to your hands, you put it on.

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